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Solutions in motion, sustainability in action

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Our mission

Our vision is to make sustainability reporting effortless for all. We work to ensure that everyone, across various sectors, has the necessary capacity to transform our supply chains towards sustainability. Founded by GRI and its convening partner the IFRS Foundation, we will host the Sustainability Innovation Lab in Singapore, serving Asia and beyond. Our core mission is to provide you with:

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Research Platforms

SIL is an open platform where any relevant topics can become part of its workplan. With initial focus on four Research Platforms being:

Interoperability is the magic word on the alignment between the sustainability standards and frameworks aiming to unlock seamless collaboration, reduce redundancy, and accelerates innovation across diverse systems and industries, ultimately driving efficiency and progress in our interconnected world.

Facilitating a more and comprehensive exchange of sustainability information among global, local and regional sustainability standards and frameworks organizations. Aiming to lower the cost of compliance, reduce double reporting requirements, aligning (digital) taxonomies, fostering improved transparency, comparability, and collaboration in addressing global sustainability challenges.

With sustainability information becoming mainstream business, professional service firms play an important role in ensuring its validity and credibility. Elevating it to a level of importance on par with financial information in decision-making processes. This requires the development of a future looking lens and the need to be on top of trends and developments to support business, investors and capital markets in questions around environmental, social and governance topics.

Raising awareness within the public sector on the opportunities and necessities for sector bodies to raise the bar on their own reporting. Acting on the principle of "practice what you preach," is to enable these organizations to lead by example, by developing the necessary skills and implementing sustainable practices internally while also driving broader sustainability initiatives and policies to benefit their communities, the environment, and society at large.

SMEs are the backbone of every economy and suppliers of crucial information on the supply and value chain. To ‘make sustainability work’, SMEs are for MNEs. In the transformation to a sustainable economy we need to make sure no one is left behind.

Enhance the ability of SMEs to provide useful and credible information at easy to understand and accessible low cost of compliance while at the same time enhancing the adoption of environmentally responsible practices that promote long-term economic viability minimizing negative environmental and social impacts.

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A Glimpse into the SIL Program

Interactive Workshops and Roundtables

Our interactive events provide a platform for deep dives into sustainability topics and practical solutions of your organisation.

Thought-provoking Panels and Thought Leadership

Our panels and thought leadership sessions deliver insights that will keep you informed about the latest trends and strategies in sustainability.

Technological Interoperability Solutions and Tools

Discover how technology can enhance sustainability efforts, streamline processes, and drive better outcomes.

Global Sustainability Insights and Developments

Learn from the best, and be part of the change. Our global insights help you understand the broader context of sustainability, connecting you to a worldwide network of professionals and experts.

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SIL Governance Structure

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will consist of GRI and a IFRS Foundation leadership representatives

SIL Secretariat

The Secretariat manages the coordination of daily management, financial legality and organisation of events & partnerships within the platform. The Secretariat will be staffed by GRI ASEAN staff.

A graphic design featuring two circles overlaid on each other. The top circle is pink and opaque, while the bottom circle is green with a detailed texture of a leaf's surface visible, suggesting a theme of nature or eco-friendliness

What’s in it for you?

Global Reporting Advancements

Elevate your business through global sustainability reporting, bolstered by GRI and ISSB support.

Strategic Partnerships

Forge strategic partnerships via cross-sector collaboration and network building opportunities.

Innovation Edge

Gain a competitive innovation edge by using practical solutions and tools to support supply and value chain transformations.

Easy compliance at low cost

Reduce reporting costs and time, delivering better risk assessments for enhanced financial efficiency.

Improved Decision-Making

Enhance decision-making capabilities and unlock new business opportunities for sustainable growth.

Frequently asked questions

You can collaborate with us by becoming a financial partner, or hosting workshops or seminars on SIL.

Yes, you can. You can support SIL by participating in direct funding, where partners can provide financial support through direct contributions or the sponsorship program, where you can partner with SIL for events, conferences, or workshops, providing financial backing in exchange for visibility and participation opportunities. Email us here to learn more.

Yes, you can. Taking part in our sponsorship program, will provide financial backing in exchange for visibility and participation opportunities. You can do so by partnering with SIL for events, conferences, or workshops. Email us here to learn more.

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Contact us to sign up as partner with SIL or join one of our Research Platforms

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Dr. Allinnettes Adigue

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Bronte Klein

Head of GRI Networks

A graphic design featuring two circles overlaid on each other. The top circle is pink and opaque, while the bottom circle is green with a detailed texture of a leaf's surface visible, suggesting a theme of nature or eco-friendliness

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